Birdy’s Coffee House

Spring is here and the birds are returning. It’s a short migration, as the crow flies. Just a few hops away from downtown Libertyville Metra station, finches and warblers alight for crumbs. Keep your eye on the sparrow. With so much hustle and bustle, I can’t keep track of them all coming or going for … Continue reading Birdy’s Coffee House

Duck Donuts

Duck…duck…duck… DONUT! Spring has me feeling a little daffy. Scroll down to see more photos and read more about Duck Donuts. “The Maple Bacon is so good that I want to take a bath in it. This has just the right amount of sweetness. I’ve never had bacon on a donut before Duck Donuts. The … Continue reading Duck Donuts

Spunky Dunkers

Spunky _________________________. a) and Our Gangb) McFarlandc) Monkeyd) Brewstere) Dunkers You knew the whole time. I knew you knew. Scroll down to see more photos and read more about Spunky Dunkers. “The Spunky Dunkers Peanut Cake donut is very moist! I taste something almost like ginger? I like the Red Velvet Cake donut too. It’s … Continue reading Spunky Dunkers