Birdy’s Coffee House

Spring is here and the birds are returning. It’s a short migration, as the crow flies. Just a few hops away from downtown Libertyville Metra station, finches and warblers alight for crumbs. Keep your eye on the sparrow. With so much hustle and bustle, I can’t keep track of them all coming or going for … Continue reading Birdy’s Coffee House

Duck Donuts

Duck…duck…duck… DONUT! Spring has me feeling a little daffy. Scroll down to see more photos and read more about Duck Donuts. “The Maple Bacon is so good that I want to take a bath in it. This has just the right amount of sweetness. I’ve never had bacon on a donut before Duck Donuts. The … Continue reading Duck Donuts

The Wild Roaster

The Wild Roaster is on the loose. She’s brewing the best hot coffee at winter festivals. She’s serving homemade, fresh-baked goods at farmer’s markets. She calls the Lake Cook Metra Station in Deerfield her home, and she welcomes us all for a spin of Smooth Jazz, because it’s nobody’s Whiskey Business but ours, and we … Continue reading The Wild Roaster

Tempel Lipizzans

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”—Unknown “We will jump only if we want to jump.”—Horses Scroll down to see more photos and read more about The Tempel Lipizzans. “When the horses demonstrate the crossover steps, they remind me of figure skaters. We’re so close to the performance that … Continue reading Tempel Lipizzans


“All this way for chicken?” That’s what I said years ago as a kid when my grandmother drove me, my father and family for some celebrated chicken dinner. Except it was for hours in the dark, and nobody really knew how long the drive, and we were getting hangry. My grandmother took it well, sitting … Continue reading Frankenmuth

Volo Bog

Six thousand years ago,a) My grandmother painstakingly composed a snapshot of me facing pure sunlight, nearly blinding meb) A candy bar was made, one that I found last night under my bed that I inhaled without hesitationc) I spearheaded a pilot study to domesticate cats, while bitching about the nickname “Tiger King”d) Volo Bog as … Continue reading Volo Bog